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Andrew Baker, Digital Marketing Leader, Autobell Car Wash

The MMA program’s future-focused curriculum, supportive community and opportunities for professional development have helped Andrew Baker become a more agile, innovative marketing leader.

Get to know Andrew

Program: Master of Management, Marketing Analytics (MMA); graduate certificate in marketing
Start date: January 2023
Anticipated graduation date:
December 2024
Current location: Charlotte, NC

Life before Jenkins

Work experience: 9 Years
Industries: Broadcasting, nonprofit, services
Roles: Digital marketing strategist, marketing director, traffic inventory specialist
Field: Marketing and communications 
Undergraduate education: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, B.A. in Communication Studies

Career goals

With a background in marketing and communications, Baker was eager to learn best practices in analytics, innovation and digital marketing to effectively lead diverse marketing teams and position himself for career advancement. “I aspire to reach the roles of vice president of marketing or chief marketing officer,” he says. ‘I want to lead marketing teams that desire to challenge the status quo of what marketing can be, embrace the discomfort of trying new things and have a keen eye on analytics. I want to coach teams to ask ‘what worked?’ and ‘what’s next?’ to drive sound business decisions – and I believe the MMA degree I’ll receive from NC State will be invaluable in this pursuit.”

Why Jenkins? 

According to Baker, Jenkins Graduate School not only offered a unique, competitive curriculum, but a supportive community and environment he could flourish in. The MMA program faculty and staff looked beyond the surface – and beyond his undergraduate GPA – to identify his leadership capabilities and potential as a marketer.

“My wife pushed me to try one more time [for graduate school] and I came across an ad for the MMA program at NC State. After a call with both Allison Anthony and Rishika Rishika, I was all-in,” he continues. “I could tell they were not casting a judgment singularly on an undergrad GPA from seven years prior. They saw what I knew I possessed: an eagerness to learn, develop and grow into the best marketing leader I can be.”

Daily life

As a full-time working professional, Baker balances his coursework with his professional responsibilities as digital marketing lead for Autobell Car Wash. In his role, Baker manages the company’s various online marketing initiatives – from the website and mobile app to email and paid and organic media including social media and Google Ads. Passionate about giving back, Baker serves as an MMA Ambassador and on various boards and councils for UNC Charlotte – and is also deeply invested in his family and local community. 

What makes it great

According to Baker, the MMA program is like a charcuterie board of knowledge. Not only do the professors have different experiences and areas of expertise, but his peers come from various backgrounds and career paths. “This program thrives on the personalization and camaraderie of professors and students,” he explains. “The diversity of the professors teaching the content and the students collaborating on the content have created an incredibly valuable learning environment where there is truly something for all – much like a good charcuterie board!”

Baker also appreciates the future-focused analytics curriculum of the MMA program. “I have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the way marketers can leverage analytics to tell stories – stories that marketing teams and business leaders need to know to remain sustainable and competitive in growing markets,” he says. “I am confident in modeling and identifying patterns to help tell these business stories, and in helping others try new and innovative things to reach key business goals.” 

Career impact 

In addition to the MMA program’s unique curriculum, Baker credits the McLauchlan Leadership Series with positioning him for career advancement. “One of the biggest moments of my time in the MMA program was serving as the first MMA participant. Through this program, I honed in on and managed how I led others. Instead of just stepping in and doing the work, I now look for the opportunities to strategically position the workload through analytics to allow the teams around me to confidently manage their own workloads,” he says. “In turn, I have become a more strategic leader and less tactical leader.”

Final thoughts

Baker recommends the MMA program to anyone who wants to sharpen their marketing skills and drive change in a rapidly-changing world. “It does not matter how seasoned you are in your career. Marketing techniques change almost daily, especially in the digital marketing realm, and this program will teach you to use analytics to stay ahead of the curve,” he explains. “Your professors and peers will challenge you to reimagine marketing initiatives to reach maximum business potential – and the analytical skills you will gain through this program will help you decipher the things that are and are not working in your business.”

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