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Poole College Recognizes Faculty and Staff Accomplishments from Summer 2023

Pictured left to right are recent Poole graduates Anthony Jackson and Daniel Webb, USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and Pieter Verhallen, teaching assistant professor in marketing, at the 2023 National Postal Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The accomplishments series celebrates the achievements of our faculty and staff in and outside of the Poole College of Management.

  • In June, Jon Carr, Jenkins Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship delivered a keynote address at the Family Business, Sustainable Commerce and Industries research forum in Paris, France.
  • Robert Whited, associate professor of accounting, participated in the university’s RED Training and earned his certificate for inclusive teaching.
  • In June, Charlie Clarke, assistant professor of business management, was invited to discuss a paper at the Western Finance Association Annual Conference in San Francisco.
  • Participants in the Undergraduate Global Program in Italy received an invitation to meet with the Mayor of Piacenza, garnering attention from the local evening news.
  • Robert Handfield, executive director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative and Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, has been appointed as a board member and secretary for the American Standards and Technology (ASTM) Committee F49 on Digital Information in the Supply Chain. In the summer, Handfield spoke at two webinars: “Driving Autonomous Supply Chain with Demand Sensing: Turn Insights Into Actions!” hosted by SupplyChainBrain, and “Balancing Costs, Risks, and Sustainability in Your Supply Chain” with GEP and Supply Management Insider. Additionally, Handfield served as an FDA Panelist at the RSCP Public Workshop: “Building Medical Device Supply Chain Resilience: A Healthcare & Public Health Ecosystem-Wide Collaboration.”
  • Nathan Goldman, associate professor of accounting, received Accounting Review’s Outstanding Reviewer award and was appointed to the Accounting Review Editorial Board. Goldman also participated in the university’s RED Training and earned his certificate for inclusive teaching.
  • In June, Daisoon Kim, assistant professor of economics, presented “Sources of State Dependence in Brand Choices: Learning vs. Switching Costs” at the ISMS Marketing Science Conference. In July, Kim also presented “International Trade and Macroeconomic Dynamics with Sanctions” at the Econometric Society North American Summer Meeting.
  • Jessica Yinka Thomas, associate professor of the practice and director of the Business Sustainability Collaborative, joined the Stanford Alumni Association board of directors, effective September 1, 2023, for a 5-year term.
  • In April, Michael Dixon, director of admissions and recruitment, presented “Removing Standardized Tests From MBA and Other Graduate Degree Applications” at the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP) in New York City. In June and July, Dixon also presented at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity  (NCORE) in New Orleans and at the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) in San Diego.
  • In May and June, Ilze Kalnina, assistant professor of economics, presented her research paper “Cross-Sectional Dependence in Idiosyncratic Volatility” at the Barcelona Workshop in Financial Econometrics in Spain and at the Quantitative Finance and Financial Econometrics Conference in France.
  • “Audio Advice: From Retail to E-tail” by Michael Stanko, professor of marketing, was one of Ivey Publishing’s top 25 bestsellers in 2022-23.
  • Andrew Greenland, assistant professor in the Department of Economics, received an NSF Grant to collaborate with colleagues from different institutions to construct a database that covers the entire history of U.S. import and trade policies. Greenland was also appointed as a research economist at the National Bureau of Economic Research for the duration of the grant and had the opportunity to present preliminary work from this project at Yale over the summer.
  • Chris Littel, a lecturer from the Department of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, accompanied 18 NC State students in the Poole Global Study Abroad Program for a six-week intensive course on entrepreneurship. The program was conducted in partnership with the University of Adelaide Business School. Littel also developed and delivered a two-week program in entrepreneurship to 10 high school students from around the U.S. in partnership with the Summer Springboard Program in Business and Entrepreneurship at Duke University. Additionally, Littel served as a mentor and guest speaker for the Launch X Summer Program in Entrepreneurship, a four-week, intensive program for aspiring high school entrepreneurs focused on startups and entrepreneurship, hosted by NC State.
  • Haroon Abbu, along with Paul Mugge and researchers from Germany’s RWTH Aachen University presented their paper “Assessing Digital Leadership: Towards Developing a Scale to Measure the Human Dimensions of Digital Leaders” at the IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation in Edinburg, Scotland. Additionally, DataIQ has chosen Haroon Abbu, senior vice president, of digital, data, and analytics at Bell and Howell to be in the 2023 edition of the #DataIQ100 USA: The Most Influential People in Data and Analytics
  • In addition to others, Patrick FlynnPaul Mulvey and Roger Mayer from the Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship presented “Trust Momentum, Exhaustion, and Organizational Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Moderated Mediation Approach” at the 2023 First International Network on Trust Workshop in Finland and at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston.
  • In addition to others, Patrick Flynn and Paul Mulvey from the Department of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship presented “Longitudinal Framing Intervention: The Benefits of Prevention Focus Framing During Change” at the 2023 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston.
  • In addition to others, Patrick Flynn and Jon Carr from the Department of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship presented “Nature Contact: A Resource to Combat the Growth of Burnout” at the 2023 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston.
  • Rishika Rishika, associate professor of marketing and director of the Master of Management Program, Marketing Analytics program, presented “The Effects of Discounted Store Openings on the Incumbent Channels of a Multichannel Retailer” at the ISMS Marketing Science Conference in Miami. Rishika also presented “Effects of Mobile App Introduction and Adoption on Customer Behavior” at the AMA Summer Academic Conference in San Francisco and won the conference’s ‘Best in Track’ paper award. Additionally, Rishika was invited to serve on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science (FT-50 journal).
  • Scott Showalter, director of the Master of Accounting Program and professor of practice in accounting, participated in “The Evolving Double Materiality Two-Pillar Corporate Reporting System and Roles for Accountants” panel at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Denver. Showalter was also appointed to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • In June, Michael DixonCameron Lyons and Kat Byrd presented “Early Admissions Programs and Boosting Diversity in Student Enrollment” at the Graduate Management Admission Council conference in San Diego. 
  • Pieter Verhallen, teaching assistant professor in marketing, served as a panelist on both  “The Next Generation of Marketers” and “Educating The Next Generation of Marketers” at the 2023 National Postal Forum held in Charlotte. Verhallen also spoke at the 2023 Frontiers in Service conference and at the 2023 Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging, and Retirement International Pension Workshop, both in the Netherlands. Additionally, Verhallen was invited to give lectures on business strategy development during the Business Consulting Summer Camp at Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara.

This post was originally published on Poole College of Management News.